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The generosity of your gift, annual contribution, memorial, or honoring contribution to the Founders Fund, Harris Fund, and Robertson Fund underwrites the dreams of our TYA artists. Thank you!
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received by CTFA in recent calendar years.
The Founders Fund, is the general fund of the Childrens Theatre Foundation of America which supports Founders Fund Grants, special initiatives, and visionary projects. Gifts designated for the Harris Fund, etc. are also included.

See separate DONOR lists for Teacher's Honor Roll/Robertson Award; Author's Legacy; and Patrons of the Corey Medallion Award.

FOUNDERS FUND - Donors Gifts received calendar year 2020 Received as of 11/15/2020.
Thank You, Donors for supporting the work of CTFA in 2020. Your gifts, in this challenging year, are especially appreciated!

Living Legacy Endowment Gift:
Michael Wood

Founder $1,000 to $5,000:

Lin Wright (S.P.I)
Shirley Trusty Corey (S.P.I.)

Director $500 to $999:

Suzan Zeder (S.P.I.)
Carol North Evans & Nicholas Kryah (S.P.I.)
Gayle Sergel Brown

Creator $250 to $499:

Gloria Bond Clunie
Xan Johnson (Founders, Medallion, S.P.I.)
Marilee & Bob Miller
Jo Beth Gonzalez

Initiator $100 to $249:

William P. Ward & Walter M. Hill (In Memory of Ann Elgood), (In Honor of Susan D. Wood)

Gina Oliver (In Honor of Rob Krebs)

Roger Bedard (In Memory of John Tolch)

Carol North Evans and Nicholas Kryah (In Memory of John Tolch)

Ann Fisher (In Memory of John Tolch)

Mary Hall Surface (In Memory of John Tolch)

Jo Beth Gonzalez (In Memory of John Tolch)

Suzan Zeder (In Memory of John Tolch)

Mina Casmir (In Memory of John Tolch)

Susan Wood (In Memory of John Tolch)

Robyn Flatt (In Memory of John Tolch)

Hope C. Shaw

Mina Casmir

Idris Goodwin

Moses Goldberg

Jeanne Klein

Miriam Gonzales

Kat Matasserin

Initiator - Sustaining Donor (Monthly)
Dwayne Hartford

Facilitator $50 to $99:
Nancy Ball
Nancy Love (In Memory of John Tolch)
Moses Goldberg (In Memory of John Tolch)
Holly Stanfield (In Memory of John Tolch)
Joan Lazarus (In Memory of John Tolch)
Corinne "Kim" Tyler (In Memory of John Tolch)

Driving force $10 to $49:
Kat Matassarin (In Memory of John Tolch)
Sandy Asher (In Memory of John Tolch)
J. Daniel Herring (In Memory of Coleman A. Jennings)


FOUNDERS FUND - Donors Gifts received calendar year 2019 Received as of 12/31/2019.
Thank You, Donors for supporting the work of CTFA in 2019

Legacy Endowment Gift:
Ann Shaw Trust
$ 4,631.96

(Please consider including CTFA in your estate planning.)

Founder $1,000 to $5,000:

Delmar Foundation

Director $500 to $999:

Susan Wood (S.P.I.)
Dorothy Webb (S.P.I.)
Well-Spring Retirement Community (In Honor of Moses Goldberg)

Creator $250 to $499:
Gloria Bond Clunie
Joe Robinette
Kat Matassarin
Rives Collins
Patricia Di Benedetto Snyder
Robyn Flatt
Linda Hartzell (S.P.I)

Initiator $100 to $249:
William P. Ward & Walter Hill (In Memory of Ann Elgood)

William P. Ward & Walter Hill (In Honor of Susan D. Wood)
Katherine Krzys
Mina Casmir
Miriam Gonzales
Marilee Miller
Roger Bedard
Joette Pelster
Robyn Flatt
Tom Behm
Jo Beth Gonzalez
Moses Goldberg
Karen Sharp
Betsy Quinn
Susan Pearson (S.P.I)
José Casas
Roxanne Schroeder Arce

Facilitator $50 to $99:
Anne Negri
James May (In Memory Of Barbara Salisbury)
Jonathan Schmidt Chapman (S.P.I. In Honor of Suzan Zeder)

Driving force $10 to $49: