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Request from Suzan Zeder, President of the Board of CTFA and the Trustees of CTFA

December 2021-As you know, COVID-19 has made a devastating impact emotionally economically and spiritually—on adults like us. And for the generation of children, living through isolation, separation from their friends, whiplash school experiences, and an absence of live arts experiences, we can’t begin to fathom the long-term consequences of the pandemic.

Since 1958, the Childrens Theatre Foundation of America (CTFA) has helped to bring untold stories about relevant issues to underserved young audiences across the country through the power of theatre for young audiences.

Theatre for young people can be a solution. Because of the remarkable combustion that happens when young people experience live enactment in a space together. Theatre activates a child’s natural inclination for dramatic play. It deepens understanding of people, events, and issues. It promotes active learning. Science and psychology have given us proven facts that theatre is a therapeutic force for young people; by addressing the issues we face as a society, we are better able to heal as individuals. Today, we need theatre more than ever.

At CTFA, we provide support to emerging and established individual artists as well as organizations large and small. We’ve not stopped. The grants that we have distributed during the COVID-19 Pause have allowed recipients to continue artistic theatrical work by creatively adapting to restrictions placed on gathering.

If we’re going to get artists and their work for theatre for youth on-its-feet after the brutal year we have all lived through together, we will need your help.
Please make a tax-deductible end-of-year gift to CTFA today. BECOME A DONOR by credit card (using CTFA website’s DONOR button) or check. (Childrens Theatre Foundation, Moses Goldberg-Treasurer, 4211A Trillium Ln, Greensboro, NC 27410)

Our children need the arts, not just for entertainment and education, but for survival. Together, we’ll make sure they will not be forgotten.

Thank you for your support,
Suzan Zeder, Board Trustee President CTFA-Childrens Theatre Foundation
Donations through December 31st will be accounted in tax year 2021.

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