CTFA’s Orlin Corey Medallion Awards - 2022

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ANNOUNCING CTFA’s 2022 Orlin Corey Medallion Awards - Honolulu Theatre for Youth and Mary Hall Surface

Honolulu Theatre for Youth

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Founded in 1955, Honolulu Theatre for Youth (www.htyweb.org) is one of the oldest and most respected children’s theatres in the country. HTY has served over five million young people through school and family performances and award-winning drama education programs.

From its inception HTY has been strongly dedicated to the development of new work for young audiences and has commissioned/premiered more than 300 plays in its history. In the years leading up to the pandemic, more than 100,000 schoolchildren saw at least one HTY production per year. HTY’s robust touring program reaches young people throughout Hawai’i’s six major islands. Its education team provides a terrific breadth and depth of resources to classroom teachers and families, including professional development and a strong database of freely-available arts integration lesson plans.

In the early 2010’s, under the leadership of Artistic Director Eric Johnson, HTY began to pivot its programming. No longer content to follow the general field in book adaptations and popular titles, HTY began to truly, thoughtfully explore what it meant to be a theatre in and of and for its community. They started commissioning and developing plays and entire seasons that specifically drew from or reflected the cultures that make up modern Hawai’i – folklore, history, and “issues that impacted local kids.” READ more…

Mary Hall Surface

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Mary Hall Surface’s contributions to the field span an extraordinary range of work as a n award-winning playwright, director, dramaturg, producer, presenter, teaching artist and local, national, and international TYA advocate. At the center of all her endeavors is the desire to expand perspectives, deepen understandings, build empathy, and create transformative connections across cultures, communities, and art forms for young audiences. A foundational leader of our field, Mary Hall has been a mentor for more than a generation of TYA artists.

Mary Hall Surface is a constant champion of work for young audiences, with a decades-long career as a playwright, director, educator, and creator. In Washington, DC, she’s everyone’s go-to artist for out-of-the-box projects or initiatives with lots of moving parts or multiple invested partners, because she always – ALWAYS – knocks it out of the park.

The Childrens Theatre Foundation of America’s Orlin Corey Medallion Award recognizes artists, educators, administrators, and activists. Mary Hall plays all those roles. In addition, her visionary work for youth embodies the CTFA core values of children & youth, the art of theater, excellence, innovation, equity, diversity, and inclusion. READ more…

-CTFA’s 2022 Orlin Corey Medallion Awards will be celebrated at the American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE) National Conference, Awards Session,
Saturday, July 30, 2022.

Hy Hetherington, of HLP Integration, LLC, has given a Corporate Sponsorship to Childrens Theatre Foundation of America to support CTFA's Orlin Corey Medallion Award honoring.

The Corey Medallion Awards
Celebrating Artistry, Integrity, Innovation and Equity in Theatre for Youth
Named for former CTFA President
Orlin Corey,
this award recognizes artists, educators, administrators, activists and others whose visionary works for youth embodies the core values of the Childrens Theatre Foundation of America.

The Medallion Awards were established in 1992 and enhanced in 2021
We welcome nominations from the Theatre for Youth field
Awardees will receive an original piece of art
Awardees will receive a gift of $1,000


Nominees from the field of Theatre for Youth in the USA may include:
-artists and organizations
-those working in theatre management
-patrons and business leaders
-community leaders, activists
and others who are making significant strides in, for and through Theatre for Youth.
You may submit more than one nomination
(No self-nominations, please)

The diverse selection committee for the Corey Medallion Awards is comprised of Childrens Theatre Foundation trustees and prominent representatives from the theatre for youth community.

The Childrens Theatre Foundation of America values: Children and Youth, The Art of Theatre, Excellence, Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion.
www.childrenstheatrefoundation.org (updated 2–16-2022)