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Dear CTFA Friends:
As a field and a Foundation we stand in a moment of time, reaching forward and back.
At the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America, we feel that the best way to honor the legacy of our founders is to support theatre artists and organizations doing work today that embodies excellence and equity to create a vision of the future of theatre for young audiences, that the pioneers who created CTFA could hardly imagine.

Since our founding, more than sixty years ago, CTFA has depended on the generosity of those of us who make our livings and find our passion creating theatre for, about and with young people and others who support this important work. We are a foundation created and run by peers, who embrace the opportunity to give back to a field that has given us so much, not as an obligation but an honor.

As the end of this year approaches, I humbly ask each of you to do what you can to be sure this work continues, grows and deepens. Because we are entirely volunteer- run, 95 cents of every dollar you contribute is returned directly to the field in grants, awards and funding for special projects.

Your support may come in a variety of forms:
  • An end of the year Gift for 2018.
  • A commitment to join the FRIENDS OF CTFA and to support us with an annual gift in the future.
  • A legacy gift in your will or financial planning or an author’s royalty bequest

We are all going through a time in our nation when the demands on our compassion, humanity, patience and pocket-books have never been greater. Many of us have felt a sense of despair at our inability as individuals to do SOMETHING, to do ANYTHING to make this world a kinder, more generous, beautiful place.

In the field of theatre for young audiences we are blessed to have daily reminders that our children are our best hope and theatre has the power to change lives. I believe that a gift, any gift, is like a pebble in a pond. The ripples grow and grow and grow.

I invite you to join me in supporting CTFA and I thank you for the kindness of your consideration.
In gratitude,
Suzan Zeder President: CTFA Board of Trustees

End of Year Donations
must be postmarked or received (if charged) by the end of the calendar year, December 31st, to be accounted in that tax year. MORE About OPTIONS for GIVING to CTFA A tax deductible, 501c 3 Public Charity