DONORS - Founders Fund & Art of the Matter

The Founders Fund, is the general fund of the Children's Theatre Foundation of America which supports Founders Fund Grants, special initiatives, and visionary projects.

Gifts designated for the Harris Fund, Robertson Fund, etc. are also included, with annotation.

The generosity of your gift, annual contribution, memorial, or honoring contribution to the Founders Fund, Harris Fund, and Robertson Fund underwrites the dreams of our TYA artists. Thank you!

CTFA is recognizing three consecutive years of Donor Gifts on this page. 2018-Current year Donors are below. SCROLL DOWN to view the 2015, 2016, & 2017 Donor Gifts received by CTFA in each calendar year.
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(Art of the Matter was a special grant of the Founders Fund which raised significant donations for a special initiative. More information below…)

FOUNDERS FUND - Donors Gifts received calendar year 2018
Received as of 04/19/2018.

Thank You, Donors for supporting the work of CTFA in 2018

Legacy Endowment Gift:
$ Awaiting Gifts
(Please consider including CTFA in your estate planning.)

Founder $1,000 to $5,000:

$ Awaiting Gifts

Director $500 to $999:

Awaiting Gifts

Creator $250 to $499:

Awaiting Gifts

Initiator $100 to $249:
Amy Johnson (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Deborah Hunter (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Lisa Green (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Miri Kotche (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Katherine Newcome (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Lynn Ankney (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Mary Ann Olson (In Memory of Gail Dippel),

Mina Casmir,
Miriam Gonzales,
Suzan Zeder,
Jo Beth Gonzalez,

Facilitator $50 to $99:
Jennifer Eggener (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Jeffrey Matula (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Tamara Kowal (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Susan Leffin (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Eric Klossowski (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Deborah Miller (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Nan Sheppard (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Marc Iskowitz (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Jeffrey Krueger Elizabeth Tidmarsh (In Memory of Gail Dippel),

Driving force $10 to $49:
Cara Sparks (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Jennifer Maves (In Memory of Gail Dippel),
Samantha Godden Chmielowicz (In Memory of Gail Dippel),

FOUNDERS FUND - Donors Gifts received calendar year 2017
Received as of 12/31/2017.

Thank You, Donors for supporting the work of CTFA in 2017

Legacy Endowment Gift:
$ No Gifts in 2017
(Please consider including CTFA in your estate planning.)

Founder $1,000 to $5,000:

$ No Gifts in 2017

Director $500 to $999:

Kathryn McManus & The Spotlight Kids Company of Madison, NJ
Gayle Sergel Brown, Moses Goldberg (Author’s Legacy)

Creator $250 to $499:

Patricia Di Benedetto Snyder
Suzan Zeder, Well Spring (In Honor of Moses Goldberg), Jenny Millinger, Gloria Clunie, Dorothy Webb (for Harris Fund), John Tolch

Initiator $100 to $249:
Robyn Flatt
Miriam Gonzalez
Jose Casas
Marilee H Miller
Roger Bedard
Howard Johnson & Alexandra Lopez
Kat Matassarin (In Memory of Jed Davis & Orlin Corey),
Mina Casmir,
Betsy Quinn,
Jo Beth Gonzalez,
Susan Wood,
Michael Bobbitt,
Nancy Ball (In Memory of Anne Thurman),
Manon van de Water (In Honor of Roger Bedard),
Rosalie Contino,
Elizabeth Peterson (In Memory of Leslie Fenstermaker),
Rives Collins,
Robert Colby (for 2018 Medallion Patron),
Lorenzo Garcia,
Jose Casas,
Virginia May (In Memory of Barbara Salisbury Wills),
Robyn Flatt (for 2018)

Facilitator $50 to $99:

Kat Matassarin (in Memory of Wally Smith),
Stacey Ardelean,
Shirley Moore (In Honor of Orlin Corey; In Honor of Irene Lockridge Corey),
Carol North & Nicholas Kryah (In Honor of Roger Bedard),
Gary Minyard,
Mark Lutwak & Y York,
Tom Behm,
Nancy Ball

Driving force $10 to $49:

Joanna Kraus (In Honor of Roger Bedard),
Sandy Asher,
Anne Negri

FOUNDERS FUND - Donors Gifts received calendar year 2016
Received as of 12/31/2016.

Thank You, Donors for supporting the work of CTFA in 2016

Legacy Endowment Gift:
Ann Shaw ($30,034.49)

Founder $1,000 to $5,000:

Awaiting Gifts

Director $500 to $999:

Kat Matassarin (in Memory of Jed Davis & Orlin Corey)

Creator $250 to $499:

John Tolch
Susan Wood
Jenny Millinger
Dorothy Webb
Patricia DiBenedetto Snyder

Initiator $100 to $249:
Jeanne Klein (In Memory of Jed Davis)
Robyn Flatt
Marilee & Bob Miller
Susan Pearson
Jo Beth Gonzalez
Ashley Hare
Howard Johnson & Alexandra López
Susan Pearson (In Memory of Claude & Helen Pearson)
Reinette S. Stephenson (In Honor of Coleman A. & Lola Jennings)
Betsy Quinn
Rives Collins

Facilitator $50 to $99:
Aaron Routzahn
Marilee & Bob Miller (In Memory of Scot Copeland)
Mary Hall Surface
Mark & Y York Lutwok

Driving force $10 to $49:
Julie Trongeau
Marilee Miller (In Honor of Dave Lefevre/Dynamic New Media)
Aime Brockway

FOUNDERS FUND - Donors Gifts received calendar year 2015
Received as of 12/31/2015.
Thank You, Donors who supported the work of CTFA in 2015

Legacy Endowment Gifts:
Jed Davis ($10,000.00)
Ann Hill ($5,000.00)

Founder $1,000 to $5,000:
St. John's Prep School
Bill & Patricia Snyder - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)

Director $500 to $999:
Kat Matassarin
JE Masters - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Well-Spring Retirement Community - (Honoring Moses & Pat Goldberg)
Gayle Sergel - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)

Creator $250 to $499:
Joseph Robinette - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Jenny Millinger

Initiator $100 to $249:
Sawyer Hartman’s “Challenges for Charity” 
Patricia Di Benedetto Snyder
Dr. Jeanne Klein-(In Honor of Jed Davis)
Robyn Flatt
Nancy Ball-(In Memory of Anne Thurman)
Jo Beth Gonzalez
Kat Matassarin - (In Memory of Jed Davis, mentor)
Dorothy Webb - (In Memory of Jed Davis)
Roger Bedard - (In Memory of Jed Davis)
Marilee & Bob Miller - (In Memory of Orlin R. Corey)
Kat Matassarin - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Mina Halliday Casmir - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Dorothy Webb - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Susan Pearson - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Roger Bedard - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Robyn Flatt - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Nancy Ball - (In Memory of Anne Thurman, the Mother of us all!)
Tom Behm - (In Memory of Jed Davis and Orlin Corey)
Elizabeth Peterson - (Honoring Chris Guyotte)
Rosalie Contino
John & Mary Doveton - (In Memory of Jed Davis)
Lorenzo Garcia
Robyn Flatt
Suzan Zeder
Rob Goodman
Robert Colby
Manon van de Water
Gina May - (In Memory of Barbara Salisbury Wills)
Rives Collins
Gayle Sergel

Facilitator $50 to $99:

Orlin Corey - (In Memory of Edgar Webb)
Kat Matassarin - (In Memory of Edgar Webb)
Robyn Flatt - (In Memory of Edgar Webb)
Marilee Miller - (In Memory of Edgar Webb)
Toni Molloy-Tudor - (In Memory of Jed Davis)
Robyn Flatt - (In Memory of Jed Davis)
Moses Goldberg - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Carol Lotspeich - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Lynda Sharpe - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Austin Cooper - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
Jean Wilhelm
Sandy Asher - (Honoring Annie & David Montgomery)
Tom Behm - (In Memory of Nat Eek)
Gary Minyard

Driving force $10 to $49:

Dustin Gragg
Mark Lutwak
Scott Mason
Edward Morris
Hazel Nitcher - (In Memory of Jed Davis)
Jeff Sachs - (In Memory of Jed H. Davis)
John Peter & Catharine Koellen - (In Memory of Orlin Corey)
R.William & Janice Tusten - (In Memory of Jed H. Davis)
Amie Brockway

Getting to the Art of the Matter - Special Initiative

WASHETERIA! (CTFA's Art of the Matter grant recipient)
SOHO REP (Soho Repertory Theatre, Inc.) a leading hub for innovative contemporary theatre and recipient of the 2006 OBIE Award for Sustained Artistic Excellence, joined with Brooklyn Arbor, a new public elementary school in Brooklyn with a creative, diverse student population and a magnet grant for Global and Ethical Studies.

Together they developed an episodic, site-specific, theatre experience for K-3rd graders and their families called WASHETERIA! The world of the laundromat, and the diverse community of people and objects it contains served as inspiration for the playwrights, designers, and choreographers who created a series of ever-evolving theatre pieces based on the length of a wash cycle (25 minutes). WASHETERIA! was performed in a neighborhood storefront in 2015 and developed with the 200+ students, teachers, and parents of Brooklyn Arbor. See the WASHETERIA! website

The ART OF THE MATTER is made possible through the generous contributions to the ART OF THE MATTER campaign and the Founders Fund of the Children's Theatre Foundation of America.
These are the leaders who supported ART OF THE MATTER.
(Campaign completed 12/31/2013 List updated12/31/2014)

Leading Player ($2,500+)
Coleman A. Jennings

Featured Player ($1,000+)
Nat Eek, Ruth Heinig, Jean Schultz, Gayle Sergel, Patricia Di Benedetto Snyder, Dorothy Webb

Star ($500+)
Orlin Corey, Kat Matassarin, Marilee Hebert Miller, Ann Marie Shaw

Player ($250+)
Mina G. Halliday Casmir, Moses Goldberg, H.T. Hambrick, Susan Pearson, Jerry Profitt, Elizabeth Quinn, Joseph Robinette, David Saar, Suzan Zeder

Cameo Role ($100+)
Nancy Norvell Ball,
Roger Bedard,
Tom Behm,
Patricia & Paul Black,
John Brown,
Jeff Church,
Gloria Bond Clunie,
Rives Collins,
Judith Kase Cooper,
Robyn Flatt,
Rob Goodman,
Jo Beth Gonzalez,
Xan Johnson,
Jeanne Klein
Jackelyn Lopez - (Honoring Rabbi Seidel),
Gina May,
Gina May - (In Memory of Barbara Salisbury Wills),
Carol North,
Megan Ann Rasmussen,
Reinette Seaman - (Honoring Coleman A. & Lola Jennings),
Lynda Sharpe,
Toni Molloy-Tudor,
Susan Wood,
Lin Wright,
Patricia Zimmer

Chorus ($50+)
Sandy Asher,
Michael Bobbit,
Jane Bowen,
Rick Davis,
Lorenzo Garcia,
Eleanor & Ray Harder,
Ann S. Hill,
Carol Jones,
Daniel A. Kelin II,
Lynne Kingsley,
Bruce LaRowe,
Teresa Lee,
Gary Minyard,
Shirley Moore,
Rosemary Newcott,
Elizabeth Peterson,
James Still,
Mary Hall Surface,
John Tolch,
Maranne P. Welch,
Jean Wilhelm,

Extra ($25+)
Joanna Kraus,
Joan Lazarus,
Mark Lutwak,
Anne C. Negri,
Janet Rubin