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We thank you. We remember you. We are changed because of your impact as a teacher, mentor, role model, and friend.
IHO=In Honor of
IMO=In Memory of

Drama Teacher’s HONOR ROLL

Shirley Trusty Corey, New Orleans Public Schools
(IHO from Marilee H. Miller, 2018)
Jed Davis
(IMO from Kat Matassarin, 2018)
Robertson Award Recipients
(IHO from Miriam Gonzales, 2018)
Dr. Lin Wright
(IHO from Elizabeth Quinn, 2018)
Donald Doyle
(IHO from Elizabeth Quinn, 2018)
Johnny Saldaña
(IHO from Elizabeth Quinn, 2018)
Reginald Bain, University of Notre Dame
(IHO from Elizabeth Quinn, 2018)


We appreciate your support of the We *LOVE* Drama Teachers campaign. While we recommend $50-$100 donations, we appreciate all contributions.
Honor Roll Listings begin at $25.
Please send a check to CTFA-Robertson, Moses Goldberg, Treasurer, 4211A Trillium Lane, Greensboro NC 27410, or charge through the CTFA website link. (Be sure to indicate this is a ROBERTSON or TEACHERS donation.)