Which Grant Should I Choose? Comparing Basic Criteria for CTFA Grant Applications

Are you having trouble figuring out where to start? Begin with answering a few questions and then look at the summary descriptions of grants, below.
Each CTFA Grant, Fellowship and Award has different criteria that must “fit” before you take the time to fill out a grant application. Select LINKS to each for full grant criteria information.

Who is Asking for a Grant? -An individual? -A small not-for-profit theatre? A mid-sized not-for-profit theatre? A large not-for-profit theatre? A Collaboration between an individual and a not for profit organization?

What Are You Asking For? -For what part of a project or plan do you wish to use CTFA grant money?

When Does Your Project/Plan Begin? -CTFA Grants have begin-end dates. See Grant Application Information

Is your organization or group a tax registered not-for-profit organization? Organizations applying for a grant should have documentation of their not-for-profit status. Individuals applying for grants and awards, specifically funding individuals, are not required to be not-for-profit.

  • Theatre for children and youth.
  • The utilization of drama or theatre in education for children grades K-12.
  • Development opportunities for theatre artists working in the area of theatre by, with, and/or for children and youth.
The Children’s Theatre Foundation of America (CTFA) values children and youth, the art of the theatre, innovation, excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion.
All Foundation funding is guided by these priorities, and each application should explain how the project, for which you are requesting funding, reflects and promotes these values.
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FOUNDERS FUND GRANTS - NEW Concept Development Grant: Ideas, Research, Development Strategies
(Brief Summary, Read Complete Information)
(Photo-Washeteria, SohoREP, Art of the Matter-Founders Grant)
Th!nk Outside the BOX
Application Deadline: April 3, 2017
CTFA understands that Idea Development Time needs an underwriter. The Founders Fund Grant allocations for 2017 will dedicate Founders Fund distributions to support the creative process needed to develop innovation and think beyond the box.
We are looking for the most creative and visionary ideas that will advance the field of theatre for young audiences nationally
  • Projects that are in early germination stage
  • Proposals that break new ground; that are dynamic and transformative
  • Proposals that focus on the planning process of the development of an innovative concept for theatre
  • Projects that will make a significant difference in the field of theatre for young audiences, not in just the field of theatre for young audiences, ,not in jut one community or for one theatre but can be applied nationally
  • Project ideas that will be feasible to be completed by this applicant
  • Project ideas where CTFA funding will make a difference in the outcome of the project

CTFA Issues a Challenge to Theatre and Theatre Artists
To encourage Excellence, Innovation, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in projects unique and new to the field of theatre that will positively advance the field of theatre for young audiences nationally

Not-for Profit theatres in the USA, established for at least three consecutive years, with a public record of artistic quality
Theatres not previously known for producing work for young and family audiences may apply, but the specific project under consideration must serve children, youth, schools, communities and/or families
Individual theatre artists working on the creation of a play, production or project with a strong potential for innovation and artistic excellence. This can include: playwrights, scenic designers, sound designers, lighting designers, costume designers, directors, teachers, etc.
Teams of theatre artists and collaborators from a wide variety of disciplines outside of theatre seeking to explore new approaches to form and content in theatre for youth and family audiences (i.e. scientists, educators, historians, psychologists, visual artists, etc.).

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Grants = Small to Mid-Sized Theatres, or a Collaboration
Fellowships = Individual Theatre Artists

HARRIS: People Travel Equipment
Deadline for application March 7, 2017 For projects that will begin not earlier than September 1, 2017 and complete not later than July 15, 2018 (Some exceptions may be granted.)
(Photo-Devil’s Arithmetic by B. Kornhauser, PRIME STAGE Pittsburgh)

These grants benefit the field of theatre for children & youth; the utilization of drama or theatre in education for children grades K-12; or opportunities for theatre artists working in these fields.

To honor Aurand Harris’ intentions, applications will be evaluated on their impact in their environment and in their specific communities to promote theatre and bring the live theatre experience to children throughout the country. Applications will also be evaluated in light of CTFA’s Mission and Values.

PEOPLE: playwrights, directors, designers, education directors, etc. engaged in a NEW initiative for a particular company or a new original play for children & youth
EQUIPMENT: light boards, curtains, lights, vehicles, whatever will bring your company to a new level of quality
TRAVEL: bringing collaborative teams together, participating in a conference or workshop, taking interesting people to interesting places for interesting purposes.

-Not-for-profit theatres in the USA, established for at least 3 year consecutive years, possessing a public record of artistic quality and with an annual operating budget of under a million dollars (Large theatres should consult CTFA’s Founders Grant Guidelines.); or
-An individual professional theatre artist in the USA, working in theatre for young audiences, in the development of his/her artistic excellence. -An artist does not have to be connected to a theatre to apply. This can include playwrights, scenic designers, costume designers, lighting designers, directors and/or teachers; or
-A collaboration of a theatre artist and a small or mid-sized not-for-profit theatre in the USA.

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REBA R. ROBERTSON AWARD - INDIVIDUAL TEACHERS nominated by someone else (Brief Summary)
Recognizes an outstanding teacher of public secondary school theatre/drama, in the U.S.A.
Biennial - deadline
(Photo: Recipients 2012-Kristi Fuller, 2008-Jo Beth Gonzalez )
Next Nomination Period will be in 2017 for 2018 Award.

An individual may nominate an outstanding teacher of public secondary school theatre/drama, in the U.S.A.
The nomination must include:
1) A brief description of the relationship between the nominator and the nominee
2) Nominee’s name and email address
3) A brief rationale for the nomination, with particular attention to the criteria listed in the nomination form.
No self-nominations accepted

● A candidate must be a current public high school teacher.
● A candidate must demonstrate:
1. dedication to guiding high school students through curricular, co-curricular, and/or extracurricular programming in the theatre arts
2. mentoring qualities
3. strong, ongoing commitment to diversity
4. artistic achievement, innovation and artistic excellence
5. broad influence on school, community, state, region and beyond, as exhibited by the award’s namesake, Reba. R. Robinson
6. how she/he will use the award to gain new experiences and grow as a theatre educator

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